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When donors share ideas and fund collectively their impact is magnified beyond the sum of its parts.  Here’s how we strengthen the collective impact of our donors.

How can we work together to build the capacity and scope of our institutions and the social change philanthropy?

This spring, we had the opportunity to host friends and colleagues to mark the launch of the Amalgamated Foundation. I was grateful for the chance to publicly thank the team at Amalgamated Bank that has been incredibly supportive of the Amalgamated Foundation.

We're building on our longstanding commitment to social justice by making it easier to support organizations and leaders on the front lines of social change. Answering today’s urgent need for impactful philanthropy, our team of philanthropic strategists, social change activists and tech innovators have developed powerful solutions for individual donors.

In response to the urgent need to provide humanitarian and legal advocacy support to the families separated by Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, the Amalgamated Foundation joined f

The debate about donor advised funds (DAFs) and philanthropy is breaking out into the public light. At the heart of the debate is the problematic ways DAFs can be used to accumulate assets and leverage tax breaks, rather than support nonprofit organizations.

Special Note regarding the Foundation’s prohibition on “hateful activities.”  As discussed throughout this Guide, decisions regarding grant distributions made from a donor-advised fund, and the investment of assets, are made at the sole discretion of Amalgamated Foundation in furtherance

With the 2020 democratic presidential primary growing more crowded by the day, the progressive policy agenda will be on full display as candidates look to carve their own lanes to the Oval Office.

With the launch of the “Hate Is Not Charitable Campaign”, the Amalgamated Foundation announced to the world that we would not sit quietly while organizations that promote hate continue to work the system to benefit their abhorrent actions.