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Reimagining philanthropy

Building the giving platform of the future by empowering activism, harnessing generosity and leveraging technology.

Reimagining giving: innovation & evolution

Amalgamated Foundation is building towards a future where donors—at all levels—move resources nimbly and effectively to advance social change.

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Harnessing technology

With leading experts and innovators, we are exploring new technologies to make giving more nimble and efficient, impactful and meaningful.
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Reimagining Donor Advised Funds

We are leveraging the core capabilities of our DAF platform to expand the capabilities of small public foundations, funding circles, and donors of all levels and interests.
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Fiscal sponsorship

We are exploring ways to re-invent fiscal sponsorship by adapting our management and administrative capacity to organize and move resources to the field.
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Impact investing

In coordination with the Amalgamated Bank, we are developing a robust and diverse approach to impact investing including donor-initiated opportunities and unique programs connected to the bank’s investment portfolio.