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Benefits of a DAF

Giving Made Easy

What is a Donor-Advised Fund?

A Donor-Advised Fund or DAF is a giving vehicle that allows you to make charitable contributions, maximize your impact and receive immediate tax benefits.

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Focus on Your Vision

Administrative Services

Our Advance Change Fund is a donor-advised fund that amplifies the impact of your giving without the overhead and complexity of running a foundation. Our range of services allows you to focus on investing in the world you want.

  • Fund Management
  • Investment Management
  • Grants Administration
  • Public Charity of Record for Grants
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Align Your Finances & Values

Financial Benefits

Grow your assets and advance social change while getting tax benefits.

  • Invest Cash or Traded Securities
  • Grow Your Assets Tax Free
  • Receive the Maximum Tax Deduction
  • Choose Values-Aligned Investments
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Manage Your Giving Online

DonorView Platform

Our donor platform is wired for social change. Move your money to the frontlines in one click.

  • Make Contributions
  • Recommend Grants
  • View Your Giving History
  • Get Giving Insights
  • Access the Pre-Vetted Grantee Database
Our Donor-Advised Fund

Advance Change Fund

Giving Made Easy

Our Advance Change Fund enables nimble and efficient giving for individual donors and institutions.

Collective Giving

Amplify your impact by joining a vibrant community who shares grant-making ideas, funding collaboratives and giving circles.

Financial Integrity

We are powered by 100 years of financial integrity and acumen of Amalgamated Bank.

Maximize Your Giving

Start Funding Progress