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Powerful Collaboration: JustFund and the Amalgamated Foundation

January 1, 2020
Amalgamated Foundation

JustFund and the Amalgamated Foundation are proud infrastructure partners the grantmaking portfolios of the Emergent Fund, Way to Win/Way to Rise, Amplify Fund and other leading social justice funders.

Moving Money to the Movement

Our combined platform moves money to the movement more nimbly and efficiently. Through the JustFund portal and donor advised funds (DAFs) managed by Amalgamated, we provide a seamless solution for managing your entire grantmaking process, from collecting online proposals to scoring, to grant distribution and post-grant reporting. When you are ready to recommend a grant, Ready to recommend a grant? We then manage all of the financial, administrative, and regulatory details of your 501c3 grantmaking with high efficiency, clarity and ease.

Unlocking Knowledge

JustFund maintains a secure database with active proposals of more than 3,000 social justice organizations and tracks the funding activity of our community of hundreds of funders. With a click of the mouse, you can see funding decisions from the insights and actions of Way to Win, the Emergent Fund, Amplify Fund, or any of the 400+ funders on JustFund.

Respecting Grantees

We reduce organizations’ fundraising burden by allowing groups to use a simple common proposal to apply to any funding opportunity on JustFund. Then, when a grant is approved, we conduct due diligence and distribute grants within 5 business days.